WHAT IS A HOUSE CONCERT? A house concert brings the touring artist to your home to play a private show for you and your friends. House concerts offer the performer a chance to play in a friendly "listening environment". For the audience, it's a chance to hear some great music and an opportunity to chat with the artist. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT IT IS A CONCERT AND, THEREFORE, A LISTENING EVENT! There will be plenty of time to chat before and after the show.

HOW DO I ORGANIZE A HOUSE CONCERT? It's simple. You know at least 20-40 people that would enjoy hearing a private concert! You've hosted parties before, right? Just call up your music-loving friends, or email them an invite. Depending on the number of people you can comfortably hold, you would charge an admission price of $25- $30 per person.  They would pay that much for a night out at the movies, so this is not a hard sell. 

At many house concerts, friends are asked to BYOB, perhaps a plate of finger food to share. This all adds to the warmth and friendliness of the evening. The possibilities are endless, and it's really up to you what to suggest. The show would consist of approx 2 X 45 min sets with a meet and greet intermission. CDs sales are encouraged, and the artist is always happy to sign them, or pose with guests for photographs. Generally, all this can take place within a two or three hour time frame.

NUMBERS AND SPACE. You'd need a minimum of 20 people to make this viable. You have to decide how many people can comfortably sit in your home. Guests can be asked to bring folding chairs, or pillows to sit on the floor. You'd be surprised how many folks can comfortably fit in your home!

MONEY. Most house concerts can net the performer around $1000, and CD sales help bolster the performer's take for the night. Pre-paid reservations are advisable since people who have already bought tickets don't change their minds at the last minute. You don't want people cancelling on the day/night of the show.

PROMOTION. Promote the event in the same personal way you would any celebration/event you have decided to host at your home. Whether you phone people or send emails, the personal contact is crucial. Posters, photos, press clips etc that you can email your friends are all available from this site.  

ACCOMMODATION. A performer on tour will always appreciate the offer of accommodation to help avoid the cost of a hotel. It could be your home, or someone you know who would be willing to offer a room in theirs. Throwing in a meal is always a nice touch, and provides a social opportunity for you to get to know the performer a little better.

AND FINALLY. House Concerts build strong friendships between musicians, presenters, and listeners. Most importantly, house concerts provide the most intimate and compelling performance environment available! Become a bona fide  "patron of the arts" and book a House Concert! You and your friends will be glad you did. Check my 
schedule and perhaps I'll be in your area when you're planning an event.